TRAILO 1 Stage - TEMPO - VARAŽDIN 20.06.2015.


COMPETITION CENTER: Kapucinski trg, Varaždin
MAP: VARAŽDIN – 1: 4 000, E=5m, 2015 edition (renewed especially near the control points - hopefully for the better:), ISSOM
TERRAIN: Urban terrain and urban parks - paths acceptable for wheel chair users
CLASSES: E (all competitors have same tasks)
COURSE DESIGNER: Jasminka Cindrić Perković & Dalibor Perković
JURY: Owe Fredholm, Libor Forst, Renato Bettin 
FIRST START: 13:00, according to the organizer's instructions at the competition center
START LIST: Will be published later. Competitors who arrive later or participate at footO event and miss their start will be allowed to compete, provided they arrive before the closing of start/end of competition. Competition will be open at minimum untill 16:00 but may be prolonged by organizer as needed

Model event will be available on the way from the competition center to the start.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Additional entries will be accepted at the event center.
DISTANCE FROM FINISH AREA TO START: 600m. Follow the blue and white stripes.
EMBARGO: It is forbidden to enter the competition area and move along the course before competition.  In case of violation, organizer reserves the right of suspension.

Competitors are not allowed to go to the Varaždin Old Town after setting up of controls is announced (expected around 11-11.30h).

START NUMBERS: Bibs/start numbers, provided by organizers, should be visible on competitors.
FINISH: After finishing the course, competitors will give the one copy control card to the organisers.
REFRESHMENTS: Water. Urban area - bars and shops in vicinity.

CLEANLINESS: Please dispose trash in placed bags. Toilets available in public garage and bars near the competition center
TRAFFIC: There are no restrictions on traffic so please be careful when crossing the road



    Due to a large number of competitors, the number of tasks has been reduced. The final version of TempO competition is 7 stations with 4 tasks (6 flags on each).
    At each station the competitor will receive the maps with tasks. Control official will announce number of flags and tasks: "There are five/six flags: ALPHA - BRAVO - CHARLIE - DELTA - ECHO - FOXTROT"  and start the clock, "Time starts NOW!" Only then may the competitor look at the map and start solving the tasks in a designated order. It is not allowed to move on to the next task without answering the previous one. Overall time needed to solve all tasks at the station is recorded.

    ZERO/Z answers are possible (if none of the flags are at the correct position)

    • - if the flag is not at the correct feature  
    • - minimum distance from the flag to the correct position is at least 2 m (if you estimate the correct position to be about 1m away from the placed flag, that is definitely NOT a zero answer
    The control official will warn the competitor 20 seconds before the time limit for that station expires.

    The competitor must give clear answers using phonetic alphabet (Alpha - Bravo - ...) OR show the letter at the top of the map. If the answer is given in both ways, showing the printed letter has the priority. Answers and overall time will be written on the control card. Competitors are advised to check the written answers before leaving the station. Late complaints will not be considered.

    After leaving the station, competitors will continue moving along the course, accoring to organizer instructions, until reaching the next STOP sign and wait there untill called
    Please, be as fast as possible during the competition procedure (be ready to go when called, don't take too much excess time at time stations after you finish,...) to allow all competitors to start and finish as soon as possible. Be considerate to those who are after you and waiting to start.
    There are more than 140 entries so please cooperate with the organizers/marshals.
    STOPs are placed very near the TempO viewing points to minimize time on this part.

    After the last station, follow the organizers' instructions. Due to steps/stairs at the end of the course, wheelchair users will have to go back through a part of the course while others may take the shortcut. Competitors who finished may pass near some of the stations while other competitors are still in action. Please, do not disturb them. Don't help them either :)
    At the last station you will be asked to give your control card and will be given orienteering map so you may use your time to enjoy a walk through Varaždin before going back to the competition centre.

    Solutions will be given out after the last start. For those who depart early, solutions will be available on the next day(s).
    Prize giving ceremony will be held on the next day at Lužec, along with the prize giving ceremony for ECTO day 1.

    In case of sunny weather (check the forecast), we suggest use of hats and sun creams (waiting in the shades, if possible,  is advised).


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