As a part of event, team competition for clubs will also be organized.
The best club will win the 10th Trophy "7th Guards Brigade Memorial"

This trophy is traditionally being awarded to the best orienteering club at our competitions. The Memorial has been established in memory of the famous Croatian Army 7th Guards Brigade "PUMA", whose former members founded the clubs and organisations that started these orienteering competitions.
The best club will score points by adding together points awarded to their members in all categories according to the following table:
1st    place    -    25    points
2nd    place    -    20    points
3rd    place    -    17    points
4th    place    -    15    points
5th    place    -    14    points
6th    place    -    13    points
7th    place    -    12    points
8th    place    -    11    points
9th    place    -    10    points
10th    place    -    9    points
11th    place    -    8    points
12th    place    -    7    points
13th    place    -    6    points
14th    place    -    5    points
15th    place    -    4    points
16th    place    -    3    points
17th    place    -    2    points
18th    place    -    1    points

Results from all 6 stages of the competition are combined for this Trophy.
The winner/best club will receive the great transitional cup, the small one in permanent ownership and a special award from the organizers.

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