During Competition we  will provide  official accommodation in Varaždinske Toplice in sport
hall/school (on hard floor), parking place for camper vans and camping place for tents.
Informations  about  booking  and  fees  will  be  published  in INFO.
Competitors should bring their own sleeping bags/mats.

Hotel  Minerva, Varaždinske Toplice (as a  part of  the  Hospital for  Medicinal Rehabilitation,
Varaždinske Toplice should be suited for paralimpic competitors; any inquiries or requests
can be checked with Hotel management)

For other accommodation (private accomodaton/apartments or other) near competition area,
you may check:

Varaždin County Tourist Bord
Varaždin Tourist Bord
Varaždinske Toplice Tourist Bord

The Event Centre will be open in finish areas 2 hours before the first start. In other times, the
Event Centre will be placed in Varaždinske Toplice. The exact location will be published in WHEREABOUTS.

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