Competitors will recive medals and special prizes for :
  •  Tempo stage
  • ECTO 5 stage
  • ECTO 6 stage
  • Individual FOOTO ranking (Combined results of FOOT stages 1,2 and 3)
  • Individual TRAILO ranking (Combined results of TRAIL stages 1,2 and 3)
"Overall TrailO winner of TempO and both TrailO competitions will be decided on sum of rankings on these competitions - competitor with lowest sum is the winner (for example - first in TempO, fifth and eight TrailO competition - sum is 14). In case of same sum, competitor with best individual result has the advantage (1+5+8 =14 is better than 3+4+7=14)." 

The best all-round compettitor will recive Orienteering Triangle Cup and special prize.

The best club will recive Memorijal 7.gbr „PUMA“ Cup and special prize.

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